We're always keen to improve our society and workshops. Check out some feedback we've received below!

Comments from volunteer facilitators 2018:

What were your key take aways from your first teaching session? Any quirky student comments/memorable moments?

  • I think they were more clued up on some areas than I thought they would be e.g. STIs, contraception, and less so on others e.g. gender identity/sexuality Favourite quote: "What's a vulva? I thought that was a car!"

  • Got consent really well, v encouraging

  • The huge round of applause at the end made all the nerves worth it

  • Pleasantly surprised at how engaged the class was with the content. Lots of students wondering about if condoms were too small so worth talking about in talks on body image perhaps?

  • How rewarding the experience of working with kids is (especially when communicating things like consent and contraception). Quirky Question: being asked to demonstrate a sexting interaction- wasn't expecting that!

Thoughts on our Female Pleasure workshop for Warwick University students 7/11/18

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